About Me

I am a Kansas City native with a love of all things internet and web media. I’m currently working in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a solid foundation in SEO fundamentals.

My skills include writing keyword rich content, writing optimized meta titles and descriptions, and keyword expansion. I am familiar with Google Search Console and Analytics, and I have experience with WordPress and various other content management systems. I am very eager to continue to learn more and expand my knowledge and skills in SEO and digital marketing.

I’m working on learning front end web development and am familiar HTML and CSS. I’m currently working on learning JavaScript and I’m interested in opportunities to network with and learn from others.

In my spare time, I love music, movies and TV. I am a big supporter of the local music and arts scene. I am a proudly self-diagnosed “geek” that loves sci-fi (especially Star Wars and Doctor Who), superheroes, podcasts, and tech stuff. I’m a huge sports fan and proudly support the Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, Sporting Kansas City, Missouri Mavericks and Chicago Blackhawks.